Saturday, August 8, 2009

If You Were Me...

Well today I decided to get back on my skateboard. Its been years since I skated but it compliments my swag so nicely. I went on youtube to learn how to ollie; lets just say im getting better. Our technology is amazing now in days that you can just hop on the computer to learn things like that. On another note, today was my bestfriends' 17th bday! We were supposed to go to the movies in Las Olas to celebrate but those plans got canceled. Thats actually why I decided to pick up my skateboard and brush off the cob-webs lol. Church tomorrow morning! Im always excited to go. And im still working on the mixtape. Actually, I was supposed to go the studio today too but that got cancelled also. Well, God has a plan and purpose! So it happens when it happens. Until next time...PEACE!

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